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Startup Monday: Latest tech trends & news happening in the global startup ecosystem (Issue 48)

Toronto-based 1Password said on Wednesday it had raised $620 million in a funding round led by investment firm ICONIQ Growth, which more than tripled its valuation, as the cybersecurity startup aims for strategic acquisitions to boost its growth. Hollywood stars including Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr and Ashton Kutcher also participated in one of the largest rounds in the security funding space that valued the company at $6.8 billion.

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I’ve launched the HyeTech Minds podcast more than a year ago when a pandemic hit the world with the ultimate goal to introduce Armenian innovators and founders to the world. From Silicon Valley to Boston, from Yerevan to Paris, I’ve hosted 25+ technology leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech professionals behind some of the most successful and innovative companies and startups in the world.


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