Hye Tech Minds is a new podcast that features successful and inspiring Armenian tech communities around the globe. The ultimate goal of this project is to unlock the Armenian disruptive minds arounds the globe, help Armenian foudners and entrperuners raise above the noise, and increase awareness abvout the


Hello there and 

Welcome to “Hye Tech Minds” – an exclusive podcast featuring successful and inspiring Armenian tech communities around the globe.  My name is Narine and I’ll be your host for this new show.

From Silicon Valley to Boston, from Yerevan to Paris, each episode, I will host technology leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech professionals behind some of the most successful and innovative companies and startups in the world as they share their success stories, give actionable tips, and lessons learned on their road to success.

You will gain an insight into how technology helped them to transform their business and life, how they got started, how they overcome failures and challenges. 

Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, or simply tech enthusiast, this podcast is your go-to source to discover Armenian founders and investors around the globe, learn more about the Armenian innovation ecosystems, and get insights into the investment landscape in the country.

So buckle up and join me on this journey.

Once again, I’m Narine and I will be your host for “Hye Tech Minds” 

Let’s connect, grow and succeed together 

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