Startup Monday: Latest tech trends and news happening in the global startup ecosystem! (Issue 32–15 March 2021) report projects that the global blockchain IoT market size will grow from USD 258 million in 2020 to USD 2,409 million by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 45.1% during the forecast period.

Startup Monday: Latest tech trends and news happening in the global startup ecosystem! (Issue 31–15 March 2021)

Blockchain technology was mentioned for the first time ever in a draft of China’s national five-year policy plan, the final version of which was approved by lawmakers and advisers at the end of an annual political meeting on Thursday in Beijing. China’s 14th five-year plan outlines the country’s economic priorities and stressed that technology will play an increasingly important large role in the country’s top-down planning. Although China has banned the trading of cryptocurrencies, blockchain will play a key role in the country’s digital economy under President Xi Jinping.

Interview with Emmanuel Ghandilyan, MD, Co-founder of the first 3D bioprinting startup in Armenia

In this episode of HyeTech Minds I host Emmanuel Ghandilyan, MD, who built the first 3D bioprinting startup in Armenia Foldink that provides 3D Bioprinting technology to biomedical scientists who are conducting research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Why Your Business Needs Agile Solutions To Drive A Rapid Growth

Do you know that the Agile adoption has helped 98% of companies, while 60% of companies experience growth in profits after the adoption of the Agile approach? n this episode of HyeTech Minds, I sat down with Anna Zakoyan, Founder of PrimeProjekt that helps companies to transform their product flows, teams, and processes to make maximum efficiency through an Agile approach.

Hero House Glendale Accelerator Program Opens New Opportunity For Startups in Europe

SmartGate VC, a Silicon Valley pre-seed venture capital fund has launched a new Acceleration Program Hero House Glendale to help startups in Eastern Europe to get into the U.S. market. Through 12 week program, startups will have the opportunity to set up their sales and growth hackings in the United States.

How 5G Helps Small Businesses to Improve Their Competitiveness In the Market

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